Get To Know Me!

Well Hello There!

img_2305Who would have thought that this small petite lady would  become so strong?!
I decided to start this blog to share my fitness journey with the world. I have worked hard to get where I am now, and I still have a long way to go. My fitness story is a little different in which my goal is to gain weight and muscle. I also want to encourage and inspire others to push themselves to achieve their fitness goals.
I am an active and adventurous 24-year-old currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Throughout my  life, I have always been labeled as “the tiny, small girl”, weighing only 98 lbs. I have tried to gain weight since middle school. Nothing I tried seemed to work.
In March 2017 I started CrossFit and I finally started to see progress. I started by strictly focusing on only gaining weight. Over time I realized that getting stronger and perfecting my form was what I should really put my effort into. On my first day, I thought this won’t be too bad. On my second day, I thought what have I gotten myself into. I was very excited to begin this journey. I remember lifting 35 lbs. thinking “woah this is heavy”. Now, I warm up with 35 lbs.


In June 2017, I did my first competition. I had only been a Crossfitter for roughly 3 months. I did not think I was prepared to do any type of competing. But I did it anyway. I figured I would not place, compared to all the other competitors, but it was a wonderful experience. Many fellow Crossfitters at the gym came to support and I also had the support of my family. I learned then that I am much stronger than I believe I am. I PR’ed (personal record) that day and decided to keep the momentum going.

Being a women who lifts is empowering. It is so amazing how your body can transform if you take care of it and eat properly. Many women seem intimidated by weightlifting because they do not  want to look like a man. Muscles are beautiful. I love showing off my muscles because others can see the hard work I put in to achieve my goals.

Each day, I work hard to become a stronger woman mentally and physically. I am usually in the gym 4-5 times a week. I make sure I eat clean everyday and stay on track to be strong and healthy. img_1803