2021 Open Preparation

The 2021 CrossFit Open is slowly approaching. Even though it looks a little different this year, the excitement is still high. What exactly is the Open you ask? Dont worry! I’ll explain.

Throughout the year, we work hard in the gym. We train to learn ourselves, work on a skill to master movements, and show up each day to get better. The Open is our test to see how we perform. It is typically 5 weeks but this year, it is three. Workouts will be released every Thursday starting March 11th. Athletes will have until 5pm PT on the following Monday to submit their score. You can see how you compare to athletes in your age group, gender, occupation and more. There are different levels (RX, scaled, foundational, and at home) so anyone can participate.

I have been following CompTrain programming since June 2020. Since then, I have improved so much as an athlete. My goal this year is to do the open RX for the first time. Im a little nervous but very excited to test myself.

Since the Open starts in two weeks, the main thing I am focusing on is mindset. In two weeks, Im not going to get much strong or magically be able to do muscle ups. But, in two weeks, I can work on mental toughness. I can walk into each training session with a positive attitude (especially when Im not excited about what’s programmed). The workout is what it is. I cant change it so I might as well embrace it.

A great book on mental toughness is Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron. Bergeron is the founder of CompTrain and the coach to many elite CrossFit athletes. That book, along with other resources, has helped me push myself, especially when I wanted to quit.

So I challenge you to start developing mental toughness. Its a marathon so be patient with yourself. Know that if you get just 1% better each day, over time, you will see the results.

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