WODAPALOZZA Online Qualifier

Has your inner beast ever gotten the best of you? You’re so close to the victory you can literally taste it. You give it all you have and you figure you can just crash when your done. Well, that’s how my week was all last week at the CrossFit box.

Last week at the TFR CrossFit box, we did the WODAPALOZZA Online Qualifier Workouts. WODAPALOZZA has been the largest CrossFit competition outside of the CrossFit Open. Athletes completing the workouts got a chance to win a prize. Each day, the top RX male and female and scaled male and female won a prize. I tried to strategically chose if and when I wanted to do scaled or RX. Last week definitely unleashed my inner beast.

I won the WOD Monday which was mostly body weight. I won a nifty speed rope. 🙂 Because I am small, I am sometimes at a disadvantage when it comes to weighted workouts. I have come so far and gotten so much stronger. I try not to compare myself to others because my journey is different.

Tuesday was for sure a no go. It was max reps of clean and jerk for 3 minutes at 65 lbs. That’s not too heavy for me but its heavy enough so I would not get as many reps as the next woman. Then, it was 3 minutes to find your 1RM. I got 90lbs. My score would not have been high because my reps and max were low. So I decided better luck on Wednesday.

Wednesday was a devils press (I don’t even think I heard of that until last week) and box step ups. After so many rounds, it was taxing on my shoulders. Plus it was Halloween and I was focused on having fun.

Thursday is where I really thought I had this workout in the bag. It was back squats at 65lbs and pull ups. I am one of a few women in the gym who really have their pull ups. So I just knew this win was mine. Well I was wrong. The first dilemma was athletes were not limited to doing just kipping. They could jump and pull themselves up or just do really crappy pull ups. The second dilemma was everyone else can fly through their back squats because it was only 65 lbs. That weight is not too heavy for me but its heavy enough. I was pretty upset with myself after this one. I know I am just as good as the other women so why didn’t I win. I did not want dwell on it. So I just said I will wait to see what Friday brings.

Once I saw what the workout Friday was, I just gave up on trying to win. The first part was max row for 8 minutes. I hate rowing. Then it was E2MO2M of 8 burpee box jump, 8 snatches and 8 thrusters both at 55lbs. Again, that weight isn’t so heavy that I cant do it but it is heavy enough. Once I got through I was just proud to say I did it.

I am pretty hard on myself but I realized that my fitness journey is unlike anyone else’s. I should always be competing but against myself. I love a friendly competition but the real competition is within. I want to get stronger and better. I really enjoyed the small competition we had within my box. It makes me want to do a real competition.

All in all, I am proud of myself and how much I have progressed.

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