Lets Get Savage

This past weekend, I volunteered and raced in the Savage Race. This was my second mud run, which was totally different from the first one, Rugged Maniac. img_2656I actually like mud runs similar to this one. It was long and challenging. The race was 6.4 miles with 33 obstacles. It wasn’t as much mud but I did get down an dirty. Well, let me not say there wasn’t much mud. Rather, I avoided getting super muddy in those obstacles.

Volunteering: Most of these races are expensive and they can add up if you do several. I recommend volunteering your time and saving your money. You get to watch the runners and experience it from the sidelines. Plus, you get a free shirt, free lunch and a free race. It adds to the experience rather than just racing. I tried my best to not exhaust myself before I raced. I volunteered at one of the obstacles for a few hours then I raced in the 2 pm heat.

Racing: My finish time was 2:43:49. I started at a moderate pace. The course was a little rough. There were hills at certain places and a lot of rubbish on the ground. I had to make sure I didn’t roll my ankle or anything. Because I ran in the last heat, there wasn’t a huge crowd behind or in front of me (which also meant I got great photos). I am very proud of myself because I completed more obstacles than I thought I would.

Favorite Obstacle: If I had to choose one obstacle I liked the best, it was probably Davy Jones Locker (pictured on the right). It is a 15 foot dive into a 15 foot deep pool. It was a little nerve wrecking but it is a huge adrenaline rush. You definitely should know how to swim to do this one.


I was proud of myself for finishing wheel world (pictured in the middle). I thought I would not be able to complete anything that involved grip strength. I got on the rig and told myself, “you are going to finish this”.

So, my first Savage Race is down in the books. Next up, Spartan Race.

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