RX’d It

As I reflect about how my CrossFit week went, I would say it was pretty darn awesome. I realized yet again that I am a lot stronger than I think I am. I was able to RX 3 out of 5 WODs. I PR my snatch (before 1RM testing week) and I rowed like never before.

Monday: Leredo

There was a 30 min time cap. I was 400m away from finishing. What got me here were the push ups. I had to start doing them modified. Because of the push-ups, I did not RX this one. But, I kept a great pace and killed the hero WOD.

Tuesday: 12 Rounds of Power Snatch + 5 OHS (add weight each round)

This was a proud moment. My highest weight was 60. I’ve never snatched 60. Plus I do not like snatches. If I can OHS 60 5 times, my 1RM is higher than I thought.

Wednesday: 2000m row, 21 double KB Deadlifts, 1000m row, 21 KB Deadlifts, 500m row 21 KB Deadlifts

RX for this WOD was 50lbs KB. I hate rowing. Most people do not work on what they do not like. This was a great time to work on my rowing. I was a little skeptical of doing RX with the KB. I tried it a couple of times and decided to go for it. Around the second round of deadlifts, I thought why did I do RX. I finished at 28:17. I pushed myself and worked above what I thought I could do.

Thursday: 12 min EMOM- 30sec Sled Push, 30 sec TTB, 30 sec GHD sit-ups

The score is the total number of TTB and GHD. I got a score of 80 reps. This was not as tough as I thought. I focused on getting at least 10 at each station each round.

Last week was a good week. This week will be even better because we are testing our maxes.

I cant wait to see how strong I really am!

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