Cleaning It Up

Great form is always key when lifting. I like to take videos to see how I look. I also find it beneficial to take them after the WOD when I am fatigue. You are relying on good form when you find yourself slowly getting tired in the workout.

My trouble with cleans is faster elbows. I hear it every time. With the heavy weight, it gets tougher for me to have faster elbows.

In this WOD, we had to complete 2 deadlift + 2 hang power cleans (as heavy as possible). I did a weight of 70 lbs. That is moderately heavy (clean wise) for me being that my 1RM is 85lbs. I had two problems with my cleans: bent elbows too soon and knees in instead of out.

You want your elbows to bend as you are dropping under the bar, especially when the weight gets heavy. My knees do this really weird thing when I squat. One will curve and apparently, in this WOD, they go in.  I never realized it until I watched the video and saw my mistakes. Now, I know what I need to work on to improve. Its great to also see each progression video and how I got better.

I encourage everyone to record yourself. Its really the only way for you to know how you look.


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