Hero WODs all Week…

For the 4th of July week, my box programmed Hero WODs in celebration. Hero WODs are dedicated to fallen soldiers and people of service. These are intense workouts. Instead of thinking about how tired we are, think about the solider that fought for us. With that being said, these workouts get very spicy. To do each by yourself for a week is like death to your body. So, my box programmed them in teams or scaled. 

Monday (Army) “Dragon”

My partner and I got a time of 51:20. We broke up each 5K into 25 200 m runs. It got tiring after the 15th run. When I did the deadlifts, everyone made me increase my weight. I ended up deadlifting 125lbs.

Tuesday (Air Force) “Ned”

I came into the box Tuesday slightly sore. My partner and I finished at 41:44. The way we broke this WOD down was each teammate does the 11 back squats together then switching every 250m on the row. We had a good pace and transition time. What slowed me down was going from the row to the back squats. I chose a weight of 55lbs because I knew my legs were going to be done after the 3rd round.

Wednesday (Marine) “Hansen”

Unfortunately, I was so sore from Monday and Tuesday, I didn’t make it. I had to listen to my body and rest

Thursday (Navy) “Jason”

This WOD wasn’t as bad as I thought. I got a chance to work on my pull-ups and I was glad it was air squats. We broke this WOD into two 10 min AMRAPs with a 5 min rest in between. I got a total of 277 reps. I scaled the muscle ups by doing 2 pull ups and 2 box dips to equal one muscle up.  

Friday (Coast Guard) 

The last one was light work. Mainly because I was on a team of 3. We had a time of 12:20 which could have been less if we transitioned better.

This was definitely a tough week because they were all Hero WODs. But it was really fun and nice to honor those who fought for us. 


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