What a “Boss” Week

Being proud of myself is an understatement. This was a great week for me in relation to fitness goals.

Monday: Murph. Pull-ups. I did 100 pull ups with the red band. THEN, I did 6 more unassisted pull ups with pretty decent form AFTER Murph.

Tuesday: Deadlifts. I deadlifted 110 lbs in a WOD 15 times. My previous 1RM is 135lbs. In the WOD, 110 wasn’t too bad. Plus, I think I could have went a little higher.

Thursday: Back Squats. I back squatted 105lbs 3x. My previous 1RM was 105… Well, 105 is definitely NOT my 1RM anymore.

It looks as if its time to test my 1RM again…

This week definitely helped me realize i am A LOT stronger than I make myself out to be.

Hardwork pays off. Persistence is key. You can also have a “Boss” week. Just keep pushing yourself.

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