You Got This, No Matter What

Each day we are forced to push ourselves in many different aspects. It can be in your career, hobby, or just a personal goal you set. We train our minds and bodies to go above and beyond. Everyone wants to succeed and be great. Well, to do that, you must put in the work.

Just go for it. 

Health and fitness has become a topic everyone is talking about. Most people want that bangin’ body or to just feel good about their body. Some people make a plan then start while others make a plan but never put it to action. Your dream body will not come at the snap of a finger. Like all goals, you have to work hard for it. & by working hard, I mean being dedicated to it. img_2114

I put in at least 4 days at the gym, if not more. I try my best to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle. All of this takes dedication. It is very easy to just give up, but that will not help me.

For years, I always said I wanted to gain weight. I’ve always been active and fit but I never really put in the work to gain the weight I wanted. Or, I would start but not commit to it. Now, its been over a year and I have gained about 8-10 lbs and become stronger than I could imaging. I look back at what I could have done different to achieve my goal sooner. But then I realize everything happens at the right time. I am so glad I continued to push myself even when I did not see any results.

I challenge you to keep going. It is hard at first but once you create a routine it gets easier. You will have days where you aren’t feeling it. That is okay. But you cant let that day hold you back. Find an accountability partner. Write daily reminders. Speak encouraging words to yourself. Find whatever keeps you going to run with that.


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