Its Time for a Challenge!

My gym is always creating new ways to make our fit lifestyle fun and challenging. Personally, I do not want the same boring exercises everyday. Its always great to spice things up a little bit. So, they introduced the Spring Challenge!


I already do 4 WODs a week. That’s a no brainer. Running 3 miles wont be too much of a problem for me. But the 2 Cycle classes a week…that’s going to be a little tough to fit in. Cycling can be intense. Those classes are no joke. Doing all this in one week seems like a lot.

Because my goal has always been to gain weight, I never wanted to be in the gym too much. I also tried my best to stay away from too much cardio. When I first saw this challenge, I thought “Cardio OVERLOAD”. But my fitness goals are starting to shift. I have been focused on becoming a better athlete versus just trying to gain weight.

Maybe this challenge will be good for me. I know I need to go the extra mile to be better and to push myself a little more. I can build my endurance to be better at Crossfit movements.

Since it starts next week, I really need to make a decision. Even if I don’t do the challenge, I’m still going to really push myself to go the extra mile. Even though summer is right around the corner, I put in work year round!

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