Spartan Race Volunteer

This past Saturday, I drove down to Fort Benning (about 2 hours) to volunteer for the Spartan Race. A lot of people at my gym have participated in a run, volunteered a run, or both. They all said it is something everyone should participate in. I wanted to experience the atmosphere of a race myself. Just being there made me want to change my shoes and just RUN.

I volunteered the kids race. They ran  1/2 mile, 1 mile, or 2 miles. I was stationed at the mud obstacle. Knowing kids, seeing the mud was like heaven. They would ask “hey can I jump back in there”. But to some kids it was like “uh you want me to jump in that…”. There was one child who even cried.

I think this is a great experience for children. Its enough of a challenge for them to face. The obstacles were tough enough for them. Watching the children complete the 2 mile run was interesting. They were so excited to start but when it came to the second mile, they were gassed. Some wanted to quit. I even noticed that some stuck by their friends to finish together.

Watching them made me excited to run in my first race. I anticipate to do it in October when it comes to Atlanta.

I even  got a cool certificate (which I think is something new) Spartan Certificate

& a free shirt. I think everyone should experience this if you can.

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