Thank you 2018 Open

It has been about one week since the 2018 Open concluded. I am very grateful I participated. I learned a lot about myself and my body. The open pushes people and tests people’s abilities. It allows you to see what you need to work on and how you can become better. It was a fun yet challenging 5 weeks.

Each week, I talked a lot about what I learned from each open workout. The main skill I will be working on is pull ups. They are never going away so I might as well face them head on now. I want to work on getting stronger, mentally and physically. There were moments when I saw the workout and said “um, absolutely not”. We all have moments where we think negative thoughts. The trick is to not dwell on them to make them reality. I think the open challenges you mentally in various ways and people do not always see that.

My ending overall rank for the 2018 Open was:

Worldwide Women: 129,862/172,007

South East Women: 8,680/11,780

TFR Crossfit Women: 13/20

Keep in mind that I scaled every workout. When the open first started I was checking my rank daily. Then around 18.3, I stopped checking. It was not helping me. I was comparing myself too much. I needed to focus on doing well for myself. I cannot reach my greatest potential in Crossfit if I constantly compare myself.

My goal for the open next year is to be better than I was this year.

Until next time Crossfit Open….

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