Thrusters, is that you…?

img_1888So, option 1 (11.6) was chosen to be the last WOD in the 2018 open.

7-min AMRAP
3-6-9-12-15-ETC. reps of:
Chest to Bar Pull-ups

In my last post, I expressed how I did not want to do thrusters for the last open WOD. But I did some thinking. Instead of choosing based off emotion, I should have chose based of strategy. Which workout will allow me to strategically finish and get the most reps…

This WOD reminds me of Fran. Its a very similar variation. Fran is also a WOD most people I know do not enjoy doing. I struggle maintaining a constant speed and intensity.

I have a love hate relationship with thrusters (& snatches). Thrusters are great at targeting multiple areas. It is a combination of a clean, front squat and push press. So you are getting a full-body workout with this one lift. The feeling most people get when they hear burpees is a similar feeling I get when people say thrusters.

The pull ups are back! Ever since 18.3, they have been everywhere. I realized that this is a skill I need to seriously work on because it isn’t going away. My gym has also incorporated pull up progression in the workouts. So these are clear signs that I need to get on it!

45lbs is a fairly heavy thruster weight for me to do in a WOD. With only 7 mins, how can I not tire myself out? Complete the reps of 3 and 6 unbroken. Every other rep, break  it up with minimal rest in between. Do not look at the clock and just keep pushing.

I finished with a total of 98 reps. I could have done better if I would have pushed my mind a little harder. We let our mind take over in certain situations and it holds us back. Mind over matter.

The 2018 Open is over…bittersweet.

Song: Numb/Encore -Jay-Z and Lincoln Park


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