Holy Deadlifts! Open 18.4

El día de los Deadlifts.  18.4

For Time:
Deadlifts (95lbs)
Hand Release Push-ups
Deadlifts (135lbs)
50 ft bear crawls
9 minute time cap

As we come down to the last few WODs in the Open, everyone is starting to see their weaknesses and what needs work. In 18.3, I discovered that I seriously need to put in work with my pull-ups (bye-bye band). Last week, in 18.4 I discovered I can do more than I think I can.

Deadlifts is among one of my favorite lifts, therefore I was not so intimidated by this workout. But, I knew the weight for the second set was going to be a challenge for me. The last time I tested my 1RM for deadlifts, it was 135lbs. So my initial thought was, “If my 1RM is 135lbs and the weight is 135lbs, there is NO WAY I will get more than one in the second set”

Diane (the first half) took me 4 minutes. This part was a slight breeze to me. I have deadlifted 105lbs in a WOD before and that Monday I set my deadlift weight at 90lbs. I wanted to finish this part as quick as possible so I could attack the second half.

My goal was not to finish but to do as many deadlifts as possible at 135lbs with proper form. I had to break them up one at a time. I took about 10-15 seconds in between each rep. Deadlifts have the ability to hurt your back severely. An injury for me means no CrossFit and doctor bills which are two things I do not want. I ended up getting a total of 11 deadlifts at 135lbs. To me, this means two things: my 1RM is probably not 135lbs (maybe very close though) and never underestimate yourself.

Once again, I am tested and I discover more about the abilities my body is capable of.

Fit Song of the week: Everyday- Logic & Marshmello

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