Core, Core, Galore

The core is essential in almost every aspect of CrossFit. It helps with balance and stability. Power and strength are engaged from your core. I constantly hear the coaches at the gym say “engage your core” with any movement I do. The core is not just your abdomen. It also includes your hips, back and chest. I will also always hear them say “use your hips” for almost all movements as well. Having a tight core also helps with posture, sitting, and walking or running.

Core Essentials
Some exercises I do that help with building a strong core are:
Russian Twists
GHD sit-ups or back extensions (Glutes-Hamstring Developer)
Toe Touches
The best thing about these exercises is most are easy to do from home. If you want to add more of a challenge, incorporate weights. You can use a medicine ball and plates for planks. Pilates is also a great way to help with core and balance.

I want to ensure I incorporate more core work within my workouts. My lifting would be much more effective if my core was tighter and stronger. I set the goal of working on it 3 times a week and then increase from there.

Make sit-ups your new best friend.








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