Weakness in a WOD, 18.3

One word to describe my initial reaction to the 18.3 Open WOD was “SERIOUSLY!”

2 Rounds for time of:
100 Singles
20 Overhead Squats (35lbs)
100 Singles
12 Chin-Over-Bar Pull-ups
100 Singles
20 Dumbbell Snatches (20lbs)
100 Singles
12 Chin-Over-Bar Pull-ups

14 Time Cap

Those darn pull-ups. Pull-ups has been a skill I have been working on since the beginning of the year. I have been perfecting my kipping skills to help with my pull-ups.  I constantly hear others tell me I can definitely do an unassisted pull-up but, in my mind I do not think I can. I have relied on a band so much for pull-ups. Now it is time to part ways my friend. My mind seems to get in my way of becoming stronger.

In trying to figure out my strategy for this WOD I honestly could not think of one. Pull-ups is not a skill I am confident in. Unlike the past two WODs, I did not feel like I could attack this workout.  I let fear get the best of me. I became so frantic when I saw the pull-ups in the workout. I thought “There is no way I will get past the first set of pull-ups. Therefore, I can’t even get a full round. Therefore, I will be so behind…” Sometimes, you just need to stop thinking and just go for it.

I ended up getting a total of 12 pull-ups (unassisted!). I have never done that and honestly, I didn’t think I would be able to. When I work on my pull-ups, I have never gotten more than 3 in one day. It took me around 4 minutes but at least I got past it. I am constantly amazed at how strong I am getting each day. I have more work to do in perfecting this skill but I am very thankful for this WOD.

DISCLAIMER: I always want to make sure I have good form with every lift. Since pull-ups is a skill I am still working on, do not expect me to have great form. I am still learning.

Now, of course I have to show off how beastly I am. (until I get to the pull-ups…)

Motivational Song of the Week: Stronger-Kanye West

Keep Working & Get Stronger!

Doing multiple pull-ups can build callus. If you want some protection I recommend these grips. They fit great and provide a nice grip on the rig.

“>Cross Training Fitness Grips

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