18.2, I Came for You!

img_1805On Thursday, like others in the CrossFit community, I sat and watch the announcement for 18.2. After completing 18.1, I was so excited and amped to see what was next. Once Dave Castro announced the full workout, my first thought was “yes, I’m pumped!”. However, 18.2 was quite a doozy.
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps:
Dumbbell squats and burpees
THEN, 18.2A:
1-rep-max clean
12 min time cap for 18.2 AND 18.2A
I strategized how I would attack this workout efficiently. Everything from, how should I hold the dumbbells to what time do I want to complete the first part, crossed my mind. I set a goal to finish the first part in 7 minutes, so I can have 5 minutes left to rest and find my 1RM.

Friday came, and I was overly excited. I felt like a kid going to a candy store after school. I was so excited because I am good at burpees and squats. A lot of people probably saw this workout and was immediately intimidated solely because of the burpees. You cannot let anything scare you. You just attack it.
I got to the gym, I warmed up and I stretched. I internalized what I wanted to do, and I went for it. It was around round 6 or 7 when I began to think “okay this is starting to suck” BUT I also said “good, just keep pushing!” I love the support of my gym. You will always hear someone encouraging you. I finished with a time of 7:39 and I cleaned 85lbs. I could have cleaned 90 but my mind got the best of me. Two major accomplishments I took away from this were: I set a goal and I achieved it and I got a personal record. I have never cleaned 85lbs and on that day, that was light work for me.

There were also things I could have improved on. I got a no rep at certain times and at one point I did an extra burpee. I could have shaved off 30-45 seconds but that’s just a lesson learned for next time. I walked away proud of my performance on this open workout. I can’t wait to see what next week brings.

I want to share songs that I believe are motivating for working out and being a beast.
This week’s song is: Hard – Rihanna ft Jeezy

Stay Strong and Be a Boss!


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