CrossFit Open 18.1

img_1749 That time of the year has come! It is time for the 2018 CrossFit Games. The CrossFit Open is the first stage and anyone aged 14 or older can participate. For 5 weeks, there are workouts that are released every Thursday and athletes have 4 days to complete and submit their score. Athletes are judged and can compare their results amongst many worldwide. For the past month, everyone has been anticipating this event. Are you ready?

The workout for 18.1 was:
8 toes to bar or hanging knee raises
10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks (20-lb.)
12/14 cal. row
Because I am still new to lifting and because I am small, I cannot always RX workouts. RX means to do the workout has given. Most of the time I scale my workouts and still put in work. The reasons I scale are because the weight given may be too much for me to lift many times or I may not have a skill mastered such as unassisted pull ups. For the open, I am scaling it. My score was 270 reps or 9 rounds.
This is my first time participating in the open. I completed 18.1 on Friday and man was it fun. I love my gym because we all support each other. The hardest part for me was the row. I HATE rowing! I believe if I would have spent less time on the row I could have gotten one more round. The hang C&J became tiresome half way through. It is easy to lose your grip on this WOD because of the T2B. and the dumbbell. My problem was I started to muscle up the dumbbell up instead of jerking it, which puts more work on myself. The hanging knee raises was the least difficult because I have been practicing my pull ups consistently. (Everyone swears I can do them, but I suggest otherwise). Overall, I believe I did fairly well on this WOD.

I am excited to see what each workout will be each week and to get out there and beast it.

Take a look at a snippet of the workout!

This is only the first workout. The momentum only goes up from here.

The question everyone wants to know post WOD is:

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